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Transfar Positive List: Towards ZDHC-MRSL 1.1

Time : 2017-04-10

As ZDHC contributor, an active participant and practitioner of ZDHC, Transfar Zhilian Co., Ltd. has established ecological safety management & control system improving consistently. With full lifecycle perspective, Transfar Zhilian provides customers with environmental textile chemicals by strictly controlling raw materials, process, residual in links of R&D, purchase, production, storage, etc.
For effectively carrying out ZDHC event, Transfar Zhilian has voluntarily checked the harmful chemical substances in products one by one to dynamically create a Positive List which can fulfill ZDHC-MRSL completely, and taken effective measures to replace the harmful chemical substances to achieve goals of the Joint Roadmap: Towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals before 2020. Hope this measure can help to improve our company, even all the industry, so that we can lead and promote the healthy development of textile chemicals!
Now,Transfar released “Transfar Positive List(Version 1.1,2017): Towards ZDHC MRSL 1.1” to the public. None of the listed products use any of the harmful chemical substances identified in the ZDHC MRSL intentionally.
Hope this brochure will help our partners to choose the attractive quality and eco- friendly textile auxiliaries.

Transfar Positive List: Towards ZDHC-MRSL

Transfar Zhilian Co., Ltd.
                                          Apr 7th,2017

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