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Transfar Positive List: Towards H&M CR (RSL&MRSL;),Version 1.1,2017

Time : 2017-04-10

H&M RSL(updated in January 2017) & MRSL (updated in May 2016) , were H&M latest requirments,which concern Chemical Restrictions for Apparel, Accessories, Footwear and Home Interior Textile Products and Restricted Substance in production of related products.
In accordance with the updated requirements of H&M CR, Transfar Zhilian takes actions to comb our products one by one to create a Positive List(Version 1.1,2017 )which can fulfill H&M requirements. The recommendations are based on our experience and on typical application tests performed under standard lab conditions. It may be that these are not always representative of the conditions used by our customers. Users can make your own tests and controls to confirm that the finial products treated with our chemical meet the requirements.
Hope this brochure will help our partners to choose the attractive quality and eco- friendly textile auxiliaries.

  Towards H&M CR (RSL&MRSL),Version 1.1,2017


 Transfar Zhilian Co., Ltd.
                                        Apr 7th,2017

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