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Transfar Co., Ltd has a good foundation on new products and technology R & D. The company is equipped with Transfar textile chemicals provincial level high and new technology R & D center approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department, provincial level enterprise technology center approved by Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, and Zhejiang dyeing and printing auxiliaries high-tech R & D center approved by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Meanwhile, the company has set up Transfar Research Institute, High Polymer Materials Institute, Institute of surfactants, Fluorine & Silicon Material Research Institute, Functional Additives Institute, Printing Auxiliaries Institute, Institute of Organic Synthesis, Dyeing and Finishing Institute , Analysis and Testing Center, post-doctoral mobile station and other research institutions.

The company values advance of science of technology, has formulated a series of technology innovation systems, effectively mobilizes the enthusiasm of researchers, encourages the creativity of researchers and promotes overall advance of scientific and technological level of the company. The company annually holds planning meeting for products and technology innovation, perfects assessment methods for technology innovation and the incentive system for researchers, and ensures breakdown and implementation of the plan.

The company has clear development ideas and long-range plans, and insists on stable and sustainable development. The company has established corresponding departments responsible for planning development strategies and technologies innovation, technical standards and patent management, science and technology statistics, professional technology training, exchange of foreign scientific and technological cooperation, gathering, development and utilization of scientific and technical intelligence, in order to actively promote technology innovation organization and building. It has founded technology service and supporting based products marketing model, and kept long-term and stable business cooperative relationship with big customers. Its marketing network covers all of textile industry concentrated areas, and parts of the products are exported to the international market.

The company continues to increase investment in science and technology, develop new products, new technology, new processes so as to enhance product quality and added value. In recent 3 years, R & D expenses of the company account for 3.26% of total sales revenue. R&D equipments and testing instruments are complete. After treatment, the generated “three wastes” are in line with environmental requirements. Facilities can meet R&D and production requirements. Industrialization ability is strong. Thus it can ensure quality stability of new products.

The company takes as the core technical elements involed in income distribution, perfects the building of the R&D incentive system. Under the premise to ensure materials incentive, the company also pays attention to spirit incentive for researchers, for example to hold scientific and technical personnel symposiums from time to time, or to organize scientific and technical staffs to go out to visit and study, etc.. Through “Lifetime Achievement Award” issued to old engineers, and "Outstanding Contribution Award" and the "Award for Outstanding Young Researchers" issued to new researchers, the company can confirm their work and stimulate their working enthusiasm from a higher level. The company often organizes special training on science and technology, especially the establishment of “Saturday Study Day”, to provide researchers with continuous study platform. The company also sends people to different palaces for visiting and further study in order to enhance professional ability of scientific and technical staffs. The building of innovative talent team and innovative culture plays a nonignorable role in enhancing R&D ability of key and generic technologies, increasing digestion, absorption and re-innovation of introduced technologies, increasing industrialization ability of scientific and technical fruits.

The company also take measures to establish joint labs with institutions of higher education and scientific research institutions, in order to actively make good use of public resources, enhance R&D means, develop innovative ability, and accelerate technologies translation into productivity. The company has also cooperated with international companies like Japan Daikin Corporation, Momentive, BASF, Honeywell, Rhodia, Nicca etc., and successfully introduced new products, enriched product lines, and had better results for scientific and technical cooperation and exchange.

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