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In Transfar Co., Ltd, the number of undergraduates accounts for 26.18% of total number of people in this company, while 24.16% for junior college degree, and 56.42% for junior college degree or above, thus 43.58% under junior degree. Among them, the number of scientific and technical staffs is 193, (including 2 professor level senior engineers, 16 senior engineers, 53 engineers, 53 assistant engineers), and occupy 32.60% of total number of people in the company. The number of scientific and technical personnel directly engaged in R & D is 96 (including 2 professor-level senior engineers, 7 senior engineers, 32 engineers, 30 assistant engineers), accounting for 16.22% of the total number of company staffs. The company has formed projects R & D, and scientific and technological management personnel with proprietary technologies(e.g. organic synthesis, formulation and synergistic technology and micro-emulsion).
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